Cutting-edge commercial furniture

Investing in the right furniture creates an environment that nurtures productivity and employee satisfaction.

Well-designed office furniture improves ergonomics, reduces workplace injury risk and improves employee well-being. We will select and shortlist furniture to fit your vision, encourage collaboration and optimise the use of space.

Beyond mere functionality, furniture conveys a powerful message about your company's brand values to employees and visitors. It sets the tone for meetings and daily workflow, influencing your workplace's ambience and productivity.

How we work

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Product range

We can source a vast range of furniture that meets your vision and budget.

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Sourcing & procurement

We work closely with the leading furniture manufacturers in both the UK and Europe, ensuring you have a vast range of cutting-edge solutions to choose from.

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Furniture audits

We conduct comprehensive audits of your current furniture. This helps us determine what can be repurposed in your new workspace and allows us to accurately assess the amount of storage needed during the design stage of your project.

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Showroom Visits & mock-ups

Following your furniture plan proposal, we can arrange showroom visits so you can personally choose the furniture for your project. We can also provide mock-ups and samples.

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Move management

We provide furniture installation and move management services with a dedicated project management team who will work to your timescales.

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Our recycling service ensures that your project is not only completed to your satisfaction but also in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Clients

Designing with balance and care

Did you know your office furniture could transform your companies way of working entirely? Our guides give you every possible option. See more below.

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